Retired Cats
Below is "Nala" Sold TICA Reg. 2011
Negative for HCM and Negative for FIP 2-9-2012 
She is now living a happy life in Seattle Washington with 2 of her babies now full grown. 3-17-16
I miss her!!!
Andia's granddaughter Beach Baby (Sienna) of BengalBabies 
Tica registered Sienna Born 3/9/11 Sold to Carolyn

Nala Sold as pet to 
Wayne and Leslie of Seattle WA.

I miss Nala so much my heart hurts! 
but at the same time, I thank you Wayne and Leslie for making a home for her and two of her babies. 
I know she is very happy!
BengalBabies - Levu
DOB 2/27/11...TICA Registered
Dam (mother) Nala...Sire (father) Prince Charming
Queen Nala
her little
 girl Levu
No rib bars,
 clear coat,
 nice outlined
6 mo old here

BengalBabies - Tavi (sold to Denise)
DOB 11/9/11...Tica registered
Dam (mother) is Andia...Sire (father) is Prince Charming
Andia (Retired) and Prince Charming
Prince Charming

Andia and Prince Charmings daughter Diamond below
Mufasa retired in 2015