Retired Cats
Below is "Nala" Sold TICA Reg. 2011
Negative for HCM and Negative for FIP 2-9-2012 
She is now living a happy life in Seattle Washington with 2 of her babies now full grown. 3-17-16
I miss her!!!
Beach Baby (Sienna) of BengalBabies
 (Andia's granddaughter)
Tica registered Sienna Born 3/9/11 Sold to Carolyn

BengalBabies - Levu
DOB 2/27/11...TICA Registered
Dam (mother) Nala above...Sire (father) Prince Charming
No rib bars,
 clear coat,
 nice outlined
6 mo old here

BengalBabies - Tavi (sold to Denise)
DOB 11/9/11...Tica registered
Dam (mother) is Andia...Sire (father) is Prince Charming
Andia (Retired) and Prince Charming (retired)
Prince Charming

Andia and Prince Charmings
 daughter Diamond below
Mufasa retired in 2015
Nala retired and sold as pet to 
Wayne and Leslie of Seattle WA.

I miss Nala so much my heart hurts! 
but at the same time, I thank you Wayne and Leslie for making a home for her and two of her babies. 
I know she is very happy!
 Queen "Kiara" of BengalBabies retired
all her kittens are Sold!
Queen Kiara
females sold to Phillis 
Male #2 Sold Julie
Male #4 Sold to Russell 

Nala and her 2 babies 
that sold yrs ago to Leslie
Just FYI....Lynx Point Snows are the only Bengals that
will keep their blue eyes. two different color snow lynx points here
F3 Seal Lynx Point Snow
 "Alaska" she sold
 Seal Lynx Point Snow
"BoraBora" she sold